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School Classroom- A more intimate experience for one classroom with 1 live bird and a variety of props. One educator could potentially visit 3 classrooms in the same school on the same day.
*25 students per class
*45 min program
*maximum of 3 programs per day 
*$75 per classroom

Rotating Programs- Rotating programs consist of one educator with 1-2 live birds and a variety of props who is stationed in one location at the school or event and presents a program every hour for groups that rotate in and out. This provides a unique experience for more classes.
*50-75 students per rotation
*30-45 min program; plus 15-20 min for groups to rotate
*Maximum of 3 rotations per day
*$100 per day per rotation

Assembly Programs in Schools- Assembly programs are for larger groups seated in a large space (e.g. gym or auditorium). Assembly programs are staffed by two educators and include a 3-4 live birds and a variety of props. A sound system would be helpful.
*125-200 students per program
*45-60 minute program; plus 30 minutes for groups to rotate
*Maximum of 2 programs per day
*$300 for one program
*$500 for two  programs

Library Programs- Many libraries have summer programs. Library programs include an educator, 1-2 live birds as available, snakes, and other mammal friends with a variety of props. We offer many different programs for this special group so please call for details and pricing.
*25-50 people per program
*45 min program
*$150 per program

Community Festivals- A festival booth is staffed by a t least 2 people and 3-4 or more birds of prey. Festival fees vary based on factors such as venue location, distance, number of event hours, expected attendance, number of volunteers, etc. Please call for pricing.

Public and Private Programs- Programs for other non-profit and for profit groups. Fee varies based on the program request and venue. Programs usually include 1-2 educators, 2-4 live birds of prey and at last 1-2 hours. Please call for pricing.
Pricing and availability of live birds of prey often change so please call with any questions and we will work with you to create a great experience for your group!

Please contact us more information and to book your program today!

MWR Education Director

Kate Friedman
Phone: 901-826-4615

katef5269@gmail.com or crnc@att.net